Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab


The current openings in our lab is listed below. Interested applicants should send their CV along with the contact information of their references to Dr. Kasra Momeni ( In the Subject of your email, please specify the position your applying, e.g. PhD or MSc.

PhD Positions:

  • Two PhD positions on modeling the material processes is open for students with a background in Mechanical Engineering or related fields. This project involves modeling a multiphysics system involving fluid flow, heat transfer, diffusion, etc. The applicant must have background in computer simulation of mechanical or material systems. Familiarity with finite element software packages such as COMSOL is a PLUS.

MSc Positions:

  • No current openning.

Undergraduate Research Positions:

  • Several undergraduate research opportunities are now open in our lab on engineering design and data analysis. The students must have a background in Mechanical Engineering or a related field.

Lab Policy

To help ensure the smooth operation of the lab, please follow the policies and procedures listed below.

  • Eating, drinking from uncovered containers, and the use of tobacco are not allowed at any time.
  • Removal of documentation, software, or equipment from the labs is prohibited.
  • The software in the labs is subject to copyright licensing agreements. Copying or removing software from the labs is considered theft and is a violation of U.S. copyright laws.
  • Abuse of computing resources is considered a severe offense that may result in disciplinary action and loss of computing privileges. Responsible use of computing resources includes:
  • Using hardware and software properly.
  • Respecting the privacy of other users; do not try to access any files that belong to another user.
  • Respecting other users who want to be in a quiet environment that is free of interruptions. (i.e., no cell phone use in the labs)
  • Backing up your data and protecting your information.
  • All communications through the university email are considered public records unless required by law.
  • All the communications through the slack platform are considered the property of the lab. The PI is the authorized person to determine the proper action followed. However, the lab members, excluding the lab manager/PI should treat conversations through the Slack platform to be confidential.

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